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LSA’s flagship daycare project, Hastings Park Childcare Centre is a 54-space centre for infants, toddlers and children aged 3-5; built for the City of Vancouver and Hastings Park Racecourse.  The centre was the winner of 2018 Childcare Award of Excellence presented by the BC Ministry of Children and Family Development.

Hastings Park Childcare is a LEED Gold certified project.  To achieve this standard in green building design, LSA designed the building around the pillars of water sustainability, energy efficiency, and thoughtful material choices.

The innovative design features incorporated to achieve LEED Gold certification included:

  • The multi-angled green roofs to minimize the burden on stormwater systems, improve the thermal efficiency of the building, and reduce the urban heat island effect.  The building also incorporates a “green wall” to provide visibility and promote education on how building design is evolving to meet today’s environmental challenges.

  • Design of the roof and atrium to maximize daylight within a space including a multi-level lobby.  LSA performed a daylight penetration analysis experimenting with multiple roof profiles to maximize interior daylight, whilst keeping the front approach low to minimize the scale of the building amongst the beauty of the surrounding environment.

  • Extensive use of timber sourced from responsibly managed forests, used both structurally and as a means to provide the building with a standout design element

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